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Castelbrando PDF Print E-mail
Castelbrando Castelbrando rooted in 2000 years of history and represents a stratified open page on the past land and deeds of people, leaders and eminent personalities who have shown heroic enterprises. Inhabited since prehistoric times, the first castrum was built starting from the Roman structure of control and defense of the Via Claudia Augusta Imperiale, which connected the Adriatic to the north of Europe.
Over the centuries it experienced a number of extensions: it was home of the Gentlemen De Camino, which the cinsero entirely an imposing battlements to Guelph and we built a central tower, then passed under the control of the Republic of Venice, who gave it in fief Marin Faliero first and then to the merits of arms, the captains of fortune Brandolini and Giovanni Erasmo da Narni, better known as the Gattamelata. With the Brandolini family, who more than others has marked the history and character, in the sixteenth century, the castle was enlarged in its middle part with gusto Sansovino who impressed a garbo Venetian. The latest to emerge is the body eighteenth Horseshoe designed by 'architect Ottavio Scotti in Treviso, a linear structure and imposing a strict time classicism. Remained the property of Conti Brandolini until 1959, when it was sold to the Salesian Fathers who adapted to use as a center for spiritual studies. In 1997 Castelbrando is purchased and completely restored by Quaternary Investments SpA, which reported to the fascination of the times of its greatest splendor.

Via Brandolini, 29

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